Natural Remedies For A Cracked Heel That Actually Work

Most of us would love to wear high heels and sexy stilettos. Cracked heels can be embarrassing and it can stop us from flaunting stilettos and sandals during summer. Here are some easy ways to treat cracked heels, get ready to splurge on some new high heels and sandals!

* You can cure cracked heels using ripe bananas. Mash a banana and apply it over the cracked and dry heels. You should leave the mash on for about ten to fifteen minutes before washing it off with warm water and then cold water. A single application will make your heels smooth

* Olive oil can treat cracked heels effectively. Apply the oil to your feet regularly, before you go to bed and do not rinse the oil off. Wear socks and leave it overnight. The socks will help in the absorption of the oil and your heels will be supple and soft when you wake up.

* A mix of rosewater and glycerin regularly for 15 days can give you great results. It will restore the softness of your heels.

* You must clean and moisturize your feet regularly and also soak your feet for about 15 minutes in warm salty water. When you are done dry and apply a foot cream. Wear socks and leave it overnight.

 Soaking your feet in a mix of a gallon of water and a single cup of honey for 15 minutes will make your heels even softer.

* When you are done soaking your feet in soapy water and your feet is dry, rub a mixture of lemon juice and a teaspoon of Vaseline. You could also apply the lemon directly; a little Vaseline will make the rubbing smoother.

You must also be careful about what you eat to prevent heels from cracking.

1. Hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water. It will keep your skin supple and soft. You should take 8-9 glasses of water in a day.
2. Deficiency of important minerals, omega3 fatty acids, mineral and zinc could also lead to cracked heels. Ensure that your diet is rich in calcium, iron, zinc etc.
3. You must also eat plenty of green vegetables, dairy products, eggs, fish, nuts and fluids to prevent any deficiency in your diet.

Tips to prevent cracked and dry heels

1. Always buy footwear that fits you properly. Ill fitting footwear can damage your feet.
2. Walk with slippers even at home, walking barefoot should be avoided.
3. Clean your feet at all times.
4. Wash your feet with water that is hot and cold alternatively as it relaxes and soothes your feet.
5. Keep your feet supple and soft by moisturizing everyday.
6. Use a pumice stone and rub your heels to remove dead skin.

Cracked and dry heels usually mean that you ignore foot care. Get yourself a professional pedicure once in a while and use these simple home remedies to keep your heels healthy and smooth.

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