What Causes Blackheads on Face – Prevention and Treatment

Many of us are plagued by blackheads and want to know what causes blackheads on face? Blackheads are blackish or yellowish bumps on the skin and are basically a kind of acne vulgaris. Generally, they affect people with oily skin, open skin pores, and dirt.
Besides pimples, blackheads also can be a vexing problem. Besides they make uncomfortable, blackheads can also worsen our face appearance when they are going to become black. Initially, the blackheads appear white and after some time they will become black due to oxidation.
If you want to remove blackheads, you must know what causes blackheads on face?


Let us first know what a blackhead really is. Blackheads are formed from follicles with broader openings than the normal follicles, which often filled with oil from the sebaceous glands and dead cells of face skin. People with oily skin are more prone to having blackheads than people with normal and younger looking skin.

At this era, you will no longer worry about having blackheads on your face because it is very much easier to treat and cure unlike those days when there are no available solutions. This type of acne is best treated with get rid of sebum and dead skin cells through the pores of your skin.


If you want to get rid of blackhead on face you should know what causes blackheads on face. Below is the answer of what causes blackheads on face?


The first answer of what causes blackheads on face is oily skin. Extra production of skin oil is the main reason if you want to learn what causes blackheads on face. Blackheads occur when there is an excess of oil in the glands of the skin. It can occur on all skin types and causes small dark spots on the skin. The T-zone (forehead and nose area) of your face is mostly prone to blackheads. These mainly occur when the skin pores are blocked resulting in the hardening of the oil that lead to swellings on the face. Blackheads also occur on the chest and back.


One of the major and authentic answer of what causes blackheads on face is stress. One of the really common causes of this type of acne is high stress and anxiety levels in daily life. Now you could get a breakout from an increase in stress, or you could just have a consistent amount of blackheads just from having stress in your life.


Other causes could be a change in eating habits. Have you increased the oils or fats intake in your diet recently? If you eliminate fatty, greasy or oil foods you should see an improvement also.


Human hormones play a tremendous role in the changes your body sees over time. A surge in the amount of your skin’s hormones can result in excess production of oil from the sebaceous gland. This excess oil builds within the pores, accumulating dead skin cells, creating the blockages and bacterial build up previously mentioned. This is why blackheads are quite frequent in times of elevated hormone levels such as puberty.


These sorts of products are makeup, foundations, sun screen, moisturizers, etc. Excessive use or layering of these products could potentially cause blackheads by quickening the process of blocked pores, creating build up.


Increased sweating, particularly when paired with external skin products could be a part of what causes blackheads. The perspiration can add to the build up and obstruction of skin pores.


Medicine that raises amounts of testosterone or estrogen can bring about the development of blackheads. This relates to the rise of hormones as mentioned above.


How do you know if you truly have blackheads? Most acne skin care experts agree that the standard signs and symptoms might be any of the following:

Pustules. They are small, inflamed, pus-filled, blister-like lesions on the skin surface.
Swelling on and around the skin eruptions.
Scarring of the skin.
Redness on and around the skin eruptions
Swollen and infected bumps


If blackheads are left then pores will be enlarged and skin feels very rough. They will make you uncomfortable. If you feel disturbed by the blackheads then here are some steps you can take to eradicate and prevent blackheads on your face.


The problems of acne and blackheads are mostly caused by the dirty face skin, therefore do cleaning face regularly. It is highly recommended before going to sleep. Cosmetic residuals that are not cleaned properly will be a serious problem of acne and blackheads growth. The use of salicylic acid-based liquid facial cleanser is very good because it could be a medication and deterrent to blackheads. If the blackheads are already severe then it could be an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


Face skin that always clean and fresh will not be overgrown by pimples and blackheads, therefore besides cleaning your face try to use a face freshener. Do not use face fresheners that contain alcohol because these can make skin dry. Use fresheners that have same PH with your skin. Using natural fresheners are highly recommended.


Healthy skins are those which not too dry. Therefore, use a moisturizer on your face if your face skin feels dry. But you have to use water-based moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid. Use of sun protection cream during the day is highly recommended.


Scrub is very powerful to lift and prevent blackheads. Do washing your face with a scrub twice a week regularly, but do not do more that twice because it can scrape your skin. Perform simple massage when washing your face with a scrub, it will help blackheads removal more effective.



You can use a pack of rosewater with Fullers earth. This pack is very effective in removing the oil on the skin thus proving very helpful in giving you a clear skin that is free of any blemishes at all. Rosewater and Fullers earth mixture is quite good in keeping the skin clean of blackheads.


Paste of honey and cinnamon, both of which are found in the normal household is also highly effective if applied on the area where there are blackheads. These are quite natural and given that honey is used in many other natural therapies, this paste is quite safe and far better than any of the artificial solutions that one uses to get rid of blackheads.


You can also pick up an exfoliating scrub that contains lemon juice, honey and salt and then gently scrub the area impacted by the blackheads, in this case your nose. The scrub is quite useful in dragging the dirt out from the pores along with the excessive sebum oil that has been deposited. This helps in clearing the skin of blackheads and also keeps it clean.


The usefulness of lemon juice has been seen in the above application too. Lemon juice can also be used in another form along with groundnut oil. When used on the blocked pores, this mixture usually enlarges the pores making the deposits soft and quite ready for extraction. Exfoliation can then clean out the dirt and dead cells that cause blackheads.


If you are wondering how to get rid of blackheads on your nose, or have problems with pimples and spots, you can use a mixture of rose water and almond powder. Apply this paste on the area where there are blackheads and then wash it off after 30 minutes with cold water. This is one of the more effective ways of getting rid of blackheads.


A very effective homemade blackhead remover is the mixture of fuller earth powder, grounded almonds powder and glycerin. Add warm water or rose water to make a paste of it and then apply this on your blackheads. You can make it with three tablespoons of almond powder, one tablespoon of fuller’s earth and two tablespoons of glycerin. You can rub this very gently over the affected area so that the skin is able to shed off dead cells along with your blackheads. Sometimes what happens is when the dead cells get shed, the blackheads become very prominent and will pop out. You can squeeze these with the help of tissue paper but remember to touch the skin very gently.


Fresh fenugreek leaves can be used as a paste on the skin and then washed away after about 15 minutes.

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