How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks And Prevent Them Forever

You might be wondering, where did I get these lines I see on my tummy or thighs? Are they going to end and what will I do? Well, there is something you need to know: Anyone can develop stretch marks so, it is a common thing rather than rare.

The sad part is that they affect women more than they unleash on men but that does not favor any gender. If you have stretch marks, then it will not matter, will it? The only thing that will be in your mind is how to get rid of stretch marks and prevent future occurrence.

They occur in different parts of the body, but the stomach, thighs, and butts are the primary victims here. The scary skin architecture has been a nightmare for many, and the purpose of this information is to give insights and various solutions. From this information, you will learn:

  • What the are?
  • How they come to be?
  • Prevention Measures
  • Diet Recommendations
  • Available Treatment options

Are you with me? All right. Let’s get started.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Science tells us that they are also known as striae, striae atrophicans, striae gravidarum or striae distensae. Stretch marks are those scars, marks or disfiguring lesions that you see in the following places:

  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Breasts
  • Flank

If you have them, then you know that they are harmless on your body. However, they deteriorate your look especially if you are looking forward to be a model someday or work in the cosmetics industry. That is why stretch marks will affect the daily living of some of us.

Before I take you further, here is what you need to know.[bsc_alert type=”info” dismissible=”false”]

Quick Facts To Grasp

  1. Stretch marks occur when the skin is quickly stretched. They appear as long, narrow stripes.
  2. Among the causes of stretch marks, pregnancy, puberty, and sudden weight gain are major starters.
  3. Though there are remedies to restore your skin’s glory, there is little medical evidence available to confirm the effectiveness of the current treatment methods.

Now that you have a glimpse of what stretch marks are, the next question is, how do they appear on your skin?

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Those ugly lines on your tummy or thighs appear when there is a sudden stretch of your skin. The rapid pulling results from growth which can be referred to as gaining or reducing weight.

Before we look at the mechanism of the marks formation, what are some of the common causes? Take a moment to check if any of the following is familiar to you:

  • Puberty: If you are young, there is that potential of growing fast since that is what everyone expects. You included, right? The rapid growth can lead to stretch marks.
  • Pregnancy: Almost all women (if not all) who conceive will get stretch marks at some point during the pregnancy period. Statistics depict that 50-90% of pregnant women will get them during and after birth
  • Rapid weight gain: Adding weight from yo-yo feeding will stretch that skin to an elastic limit, and there will be marks to show.
  • Corticosteroid use: It is the prolonged use that brings an issue to your skin. Lotions and creams containing corticosteroid have a habit of lowering skin collagen every time you apply. If you do not know, collagen is what makes the skin strong and sturdy so a reduction in the amount available means that you will be looking forward to having some stretch marks.
  • Medical Conditions: We are all bound to get sick at some point, aren’t we? If you have experienced Cushing’s or Marfan syndrome, then there is a significant possibility of you developing the little lines. How do they contribute to stretch marks formation? Marfan can cause diminishing elasticity on the skin tissue while Cushing leads to over-production of hormones resulting in rapid weight gain and the skin becoming fragile.

How are stretch marks formed?

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