Wall decoration: 12 very cool ideas

Think of the walls of your house as a blank canvas. You have endless possibilities to fill it in to create something beautiful and personal. You do not have to limit yourself to putting the typical pictures, or stay with painting the walls in a beautiful color. You can also hang cool shelves, mirrors that you make at home, posters, garlands and even put green walls. Wall decoration is an art! Here are 14 ideas for you to start thinking about.

1. Ideas to decorate with succulents

If, as happens in Handfie, you are one of those people who want to put plants everywhere, take a good look at this idea so that succulents can climb up your walls. With a geometric edged tray, which you can buy at decorating stores like Tiger or make at home with some wood, you can create a super cool vertical planter. To do this, you have to staple some chicken wire in the lower half of the tray and, after it, geotextile mesh. Fill with substrate and, with the help of scissors, open holes in the mesh and place the succulents. COOL!

2. Wall decoration with flowers

Idea to give color and a romantic touch to the walls. And very very easy. Buy plastic and fabric artificial flowers and tie them together with some hot glue to create a homemade garland like this one. We love it!

3. Folders on the wall

We love that idea to fill a wall completely. Lots of the typical clip-on folders and pretty foil in each one. Hang them all, well aligned and all over the wall, and you will have a mural that you can change at will. You can put photos, cool images, letters to create a message …

Wall decorated with clip-on folders and foil

4. Perforated panel to decorate the wall

Do you like Nordic-inspired decoration? This shelf with a perforated panel fits great in such an environment. The best thing about this idea is its versatility: put the shelves you want, with a wooden top and circular slats, and decorate with all kinds of elements. The combination of the intense green of the plants and the light tone of the wood works very well.

Perforated plank to hang on the wall

5. Wooden clock

Another idea with a Nordic point. What do you think of this wooden clock with wallpaper? It won’t fill an entire wall – unless you want to fill it with clocks, which can also be really cool – but it’s great for adding a creative touch. It is quite simple to do: you only need wood, wallpaper, leather for the strip and a clock mechanism that you can recycle from someone else you have at home. We leave you the step-by-step tutorial: how to make a wall clock .

Wood clock and wallpaper

6. Cardboard triangle garland

Colored cardboard with geometric shapes and a thread or a rope to join the different pieces. Easy and pretty! Do you visualize this garland at home? This one is sold on the craft portal Etsy, but you can make it yourself.

7. Walls decorated with clay stars

It’s time to look for a dry branch! Look how cool this mobile is that combines a branch with small white clay stars. A very nice home mobile, perfect to put in children’s rooms.

DIY mobile with clay stars to decorate the wall

8. Garland with tassels

This simple garland is ideal for decorations that tend towards the minimalist, with very simple lines. A couple of wooden poles, a thread and a few tassels evenly distributed. How about?

9. Macrame loom

An idea that follows the line of the previous one, simple and very fashionable -Pinterest is full of looms of this type-. A circular wooden slat and macrame threads that start from it, intertwined in several knots. It is not very complicated, but you have to have a bit of skill 😉

10. Mirror with a belt

This is our low cost version of the famous Adnet mirror, an icon of decoration. We made it with a thick wooden board, which we cut in the shape of a circle, a round mirror and a belt to hang the mirror on the wall. We have it in the office because it FLIPA us.

Homemade mirror made with a belt

11. Floating shelves

Another one of those super simple tutorials but they look great. These floating shelves are made with a small wooden board with four holes, four strips of rope in a color that contrasts with the light tone of the wood and a metal ring collecting the ropes and fixing the structure to the wall. Make several and place them at different heights, as in the image.

12. Wool loom

Another proposal to make a homemade loom. It seems very complicated, but it is much easier than you think. The background is made with a bit of metallic mesh, to which different colored wool has been knotted. It’s that simple and effective!

Homemade woolen loom

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