How to Clear Back Acne Once and For All

Whenever the discussion for acne starts, mostly it is focused on facial acne. Undoubtedly, facial acne is a beast, and everything but you know what back acne can be quite frustrating too. If you have struggled with it firsthand, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about.

Girl that struggle is real! From hindering us to wear our fav crop tops to constantly comparing our bodies to others, it can lower our self-esteem. As someone who lives in a hot climate and is always sweaty, I can assure you that I used to have really bad bacne too.

And I have basically tried everything to get rid of it from the tragic lemon home remedies (don’t put lemon on your skin ever lol) to 90$ serums. If you landed here, I know you are having the same concern.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because I have put together everything you need to know about backne and how to eradicate it. This worked for me really well so I know that it will work for you too!

What am I getting back acne?

So first off you must be questioning yourself that why am I getting backne all of a sudden or will this ever go away? Hey…it is crucial to understand why it happened in the first place so you can go over to treat it.

In simple words, we have oil (sebaceous) glands on our chest and back. When there is a buildup of clogged sebum (oil) that has failed to discharge unnecessary dead cells, it combines with bacteria and we get backne.

Now, are you wondering how did that happen? Well, here are all the possible reasons why your backne was worsened.


High body temperature promotes sebum (oil) production and stimulates acne-prone conditions. If you happen to live in a hot country/environment or take long hot showers, you are prone to bacne as it thrives under high temperatures.


Unclean bedding favors the growth of bacteria and yeah you’re sleeping on it for 7-8 hours. It can transfer to your back and by combining with available sebum (oil), it can trigger back acne. Likewise, unsanitary clothes entertain acne production.


If you’re not habitual of taking a bath after working out or wear too tight clothes, you might have backne. The impurities in sweat cause buildup which leads to backne.

Similarly, tight clothes increase friction and lead to back acne which is often referred to as ‘acne mechanica’.

Tips to calm acne on your back

Moving over to the practical side, many things contribute to a blemish-free back. I have gathered a list of a few of them.

1. X No harsh rubbing X

Don’t rub your back harshly with body scrubs; this will irritate your skin and the acne will get worse.

Ideally, you should exfoliate twice a week gently to remove unwanted sebum without irritating your skin.

2. Avoid these ingredients

It is better to avoid certain ingredients that can trigger back acne. Abstain from using shea butter, ethanol & coconut oil on your back. Instead use products that contain sulfur, ceramides, and azulene to cure acne.

3. Avoid humid environment

Damp environments can highly affect acne. Wear sweat-absorbent, soft cotton clothes & use air conditioners. Plus, shower immediately after working out and change clothes.

4. Wrong eating habits

As much as we don’t like to admit it, what we eat plays a big role in how healthily our body functions. Having a harsh diet like taking long gaps between two meals (e.g. 18 hours) or intaking a high ratio of carbohydrates disrupts the hormones and worsens the acne.

Maintain a balanced diet and drink warm water with some lemon juice on an empty stomach as it releases toxins inside the body.

5. Change your shower routine

If you wash your hair while standing up, you might have shampoo residue on your back. This can cause buildup over time and lead to bacne.

Tilt your head downwards and then rinse your hair. Also, wash your hair first and then body so residue is removed by body wash.

6. High temperature

Don’t expose yourself to high temperature for a prolonged time. This includes sunlight, hot showers, heaters, saunas, etc. It will break your water-oil balance in the body and cause acne.

Shower under 10 minutes and use lukewarm water. In the end, use cold water for 30 seconds. Plus, use sunscreen before heading out.

Best Practices to get rid of bacne

  •  Use exfoliating toners

Exfoliating your back with a chemical exfoliant helps to remove built-up impurities and sweat. Soak cotton pads in it and wipe off your chest and back to mildly exfoliate. Also do not use physical scrubs as they are very harsh on the skin and will further worsen your bacne by spreading the bacteria everywhere.

  • Dry brushing

Dry brushing exfoliates the dead skin cells and helps to circulate blood and decrease fluid retention which can improve acne. When dead cells are removed, new skin cells are generated which will improve the texture of your back.

Gently brush with low pressure on your back before showering.

  • Microfibre puff

Use a puff with microfibers or a soft body brush. It will remove dead cells and germs between the pores. Apply body wash on puff and massage your back to exfoliate.

For body brush, soak it in warm water for 10 minutes and then use it.

  • Hydrate

Hydrate your body after showering with a light texture, non-comedogenic lotion so it is suitable for your skin.

Apply lotion while the body still has moisture.

  •  Salicylic acid

Use salicylic acid, a BHA which reduces acne and inflamed skin by shedding dead skin cells. Paula’s Choice BHA salicylic acid body treatment and Cerave SA lotion are great for reducing backne.

Best skincare products to combat backne

These are some great products that I have found effective in clearing my bacne.

  • Dr Song Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 10% Acne Treatment. This body wash helps to clear all those stubborn pimples you get on your back or anywhere else on your body.
  •  Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash. This one’s a classic body wash for acne as it contains a really good ingredient (salicylic acid) which is really great for clearing acne.
  •  The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil. I use this as a spot treatment for any new pimples on my back. It dries them out quickly and helps with the leftover marks too.

This was it for this post. Hopefully, you found these tips for backne helpful and try them out too.

How to Clear Back Acne Once and For All

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