Foreplay – The Down Low on Getting Down and Dirty

Foreplay is, sometimes, the best part of sex. It can get your partner turned on and cumming before penetration even starts. So why do so many people skip straight to the horizontal tango and skip the foreplay altogether? Some claim they don’t see it as necessary. In reality, they just don’t understand the importance of a bit of fingering or fellatio before the main event. If you don’t know much about foreplay or don’t understand its importance, here are the basics to help you look like a foreplay pro in no time!

What is foreplay?

Foreplay is basically anything used to get your dance partner ready to tango before the actual performance. You wouldn’t expect to run a marathon without stretching, so why would you expect your partner to orgasm without a bit of preparation?

Foreplay is crucial if you have trouble with stamina or are with a new partner, as it helps get you comfortable with each other before engaging in the most intimate forms of passion.

Suppose you suffer from a lack of stamina. In that case, foreplay can prolong the experience and build up that sexual tension for your partner so that you’re not the only one exploding within three minutes of genital grinding!

Even if you don’t have a stamina deficiency, foreplay is like the appetizer before the main course. You might not need it, but it makes dinner even more enjoyable, and, for your partner, they aren’t quite full at the end of the meal without that added luxury of a pre-meal treat.

When done correctly, sex can actually end with foreplay, and you don’t even need intercourse to feel fulfilled and happy. The intercourse can be the dessert to a fun naked play session!

How do I even do that?

If you’ve never taken the time to try foreplay, or you didn’t have anyone experienced around to share their best tips and tricks, here are a few ideas to get you started. The main idea is to get your partner to beg for penetration or even make them orgasm a couple of times before the actual sex starts.

Foreplay can include blowjobs, fingering, making out, or other types of “play.” You can also incorporate sex toys, like dildos and fleshlights, lube, and nipple accessories!

If you don’t know how to start, grab a feather and start tracing it along your bed buddy’s naked body. The hint of touch and the slight tickle will have them begging for more in no time. Have fun with fingers, tongues, or even a gentle nibble here and there!

For people who enjoy rougher sex, try handcuffs or ball gags. Tie them to the bed and touch them everywhere except their genitals, so they beg for and crave that penetration. Make them drip with the anticipation for the sex you’re about to give them.

Regardless of how you play, have fun with it and treat their body like a playground, not as a pump and dump station. If you need help with ideas, ask your partner what they like. Sex talk is just as sexy as other forms of foreplay, and you can start the conversation anywhere.

Why should I bother with foreplay?

Why, you might wonder, is this so important if you can just hit it and quit it? Because some people are unable to finish without the extra stimulation! If you like and care for the person you’re engaging in playtime with, the chances are good that you’ll want a repeat performance. If you want your partner to crave that, you’ll need to make sure they have a happy ending.

For some people, foreplay is necessary to achieve orgasm. Foreplay helps your brain feel more emotionally connected to the person you’re having fun with, which helps your body relax and enjoy the sensations even more! In addition, it can lower inhibitions and even make your partner feel more adventurous if you want to try something newer or naughtier than your everyday routine.

Sometimes, fingers and toys can reach places that a penis can’t. That doesn’t mean that you have a small member or that it’s a hotdog-down-a-hallway situation. This just means that sometimes her g-spot is tucked away somewhere inside that would require you to bend a little bit in a way that your penis shouldn’t bend.

In this situation, you’ll want to get your partner wet, either naturally or with lube, and use everything at your disposal to make sure they explode with pleasure, too. Any orgasm that happens during the actual penetration is a bonus and will make them want you even more next time.

Additional tips for your next smash session

  • Foreplay literally gets the juices flowing. It enhances sexual arousal for both men and women, making sex a thousand times more enjoyable for everyone involved.
  • Foreplay does not have to start in the bedroom. Be creative! Foreplay can begin with a sexy text or a whispered promise to make your partner scream with pleasure later. It can be a naughty picture or a seductive ear nibble while in public. Foreplay can start anywhere.
  • If you really want to get your partner going, look them in the eyes and tell them in graphic detail what you plan to do to them when you get them alone. Let them know you want to make them as hard or wet as possible before they are allowed to finish, then follow through with your promise.
  • Set the mood. Light some candles, wear perfume or cologne and dress to impress. Foreplay is all about the buildup and anticipation of intercourse, and great foreplay engages all the senses.
  • Pay attention to their erogenous areas. Everyone has hot spots that make them moan and quiver with anticipation. Figure out your partner’s erogenous zones and use them to your advantage.

Foreplay means different things and includes various techniques for different people. Finding out what works will increase orgasms, provide stronger sensations, and improve your overall performance for yourself and your partner. It does not need to align with the foreplay or sex you see in porn films, but it should make your partner moan and gasp with pleasure.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance and try something new. Your partner will thank you for it in the end!

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